But what about cuckolding?

Ok, first, male chastity does not imply cuckolding. There is significant overlap between the cuckolding fetish and the male chastity fetish but not all chastity enthusiasts are into cuckolding and not all cuckolds husbands are into chastity.

But why would a man want to be a cuckold?

Sure, a lot of men who want to be one are into the humiliation aspect, but this is only a superficial reason.

On another blog, I talk about chastity being all about consent, well, real cuckolding is the same.

To a willing cuckold, his wife is his greatest treasure, his most beloved companion. The person he loves the most.

To many who are cuckolds, that lifestyle isn’t so much about diminishing their role in the marriage, but more about elevating their wife in her self-discovery

It’s about sharing how hot he finds his wife with other men so that they may experience it from their point of view, and so that his wife can get the satisfaction of pleasing multiple men.

The cuckold loves his wife so much, that he want other people to benefit from her sexuality and from her sensuality.

He finds her so sexy, that he thinks he must share that quality with others, that it would be selfish otherwise.

But it’s also for his wife

He also wants her to experience more, to live life to the fullest, to make her discover new sexual techniques she can bring to the marital bedroom.

To make her discover more facets of her body, more ways for her to reach orgasms so that he may have a more fulfilled wife.

He wants to eliminate the doubt in his wife’s mind that she might find better elsewhere: she doesn’t need to cheat on him, she can explore and then, find a loving husband still by her side, for better and for worse.

Swingers have a very similar philosophy: they believe in monogamous love (or they would also be polyamorous, which is fine but different), but in an open sexuality that is shared with others.

The cuckold believes in the same thing, but only for his wife.

Why not him?

Because it’s what he wants!

It’s perfectly fine to be swingers, polyamorous, polygamous, for the man to be allowed other women while his wife needs to remain loyal to him.

As long as everyone are happy consenting adults, what is the problem?

In this particular case, the cuckold doesn’t care about having sex with other women: he only craves his wife’s sexuality, but he also wants her to explore that sexuality to the fullest.

When the cuckold is also into chastity, that may imply an even smaller role in his wife’s sexuality, but in no way any reduction of the love they have to each other.

The hotwife who cuckolds her husband loves him more than any bull or couple she will meet, or she would not return home.

For many of them, their hotwife activities are a part of their couple, and they will have intercourse with men they would never agree to meet outside of a cuckold relationship.

To her, these men are just accessories to her couple’s sexuality life!

And yet, the cuckold is the subject of ridicule

As if his desires were a sign of weakness, but it takes a lot of courage to let your wife sleep with others, and still trust her to come back home to you.

It takes a lot of strength to accept that your wife will do sexual things with other random men that she doesn’t have the will to do with her husband, because, she fears feeling weak in front of the man she adores, but feels no shame with a stranger she will never see again.

And yet… from that strength, comes the patience to let his wife accept her desires by experimenting them with strangers, so that she might one day, accept them with her husband.

The cuckold isn’t weak. He is courageous. He is the rock his wife comes home to.

But don’t she ridicule him?

So what if she does? This is all role-play they both enjoy.

After seeing a lover, his wife might tell him it was the best sex she ever had, but they often both know that it’s a lie to sell the fantasy.

And fantasy is an important part of keeping a relationship alive!

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