Chastity is based on consent

What a lot of people do not get about Chastity, is how much it is consent based.

Let’s be honest, almost all chastity devices are so easy to break, that they do not need tools to be opened without a key.

Many are made in plastic and can be simply snapped off without much force but even those made in metal have easily exploited weak points that allow to be removed easily.

So, why are people still stuck in chastity? Because they consent to it. They want to be in chastity.

It’s not something imposed on them, it’s something they gladly take an active part in.

Often, they shopped for their device. They actively researched which one would be the most comfortable for long-time wear, or the most discreet to wear in the office. Or perhaps the more humiliating to be caught up in.

The point is: the person wearing the chastity device usually takes an active role in choosing the device. The couple might role-play that the keyholding wife forced him to wear a pink cage, but the truth is that in most couples, the husband picked the style.

But it gets further

In most heterosexual couples with male chastity, it is the male who initiated the conversation, who pushed and slowly got his wife to agree to the lifestyle.

The conversion wasn’t initiated by the wife asking herself “How can I get my husband in chastity”, but rather by the husband asking himself: “How can I get my wife to keep me into chastity”

Sure, in some couples, the idea was entirely mutual after a common exposure to it. In others, the wife has prior knowledge and introduced it.

But in the vast majority of heterosexual couples playing with male chastity, the subject was brought by the man hoping to have his sexuality controlled.

Why? That’s another subject, but male chastity isn’t something that happens to men against their will. More often than not, it is something initiated by the male, for his own benefit.

In fact, in many couples, the wife only reluctantly participate in the chastity lifestyle, mainly out of love for her husband rather than from desire to the lifestyle itself.

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