Chastity Matters as a lifestyle

Men and women who choose to live their lives wearing chastity devices are as important as anyone else.

We might decide to put our sexuality into the hands of our keyholder, but this is a serious decision filled with personal consequences which do not concern anyone else.

How many couples have given up on sexuality and became purely platonic? How many couples live where each member of the relationship cheat on their spouse behind their back?

When a partner choose to live in chastity, they make a pledge to their significant other to put their sexuality into their hands.

To pledge loyalty, fidelity and monogamy at a physical and emotional level, not just as an empty promise made in front of a priest or a justice of the peace.

Giving the only keys to your genitals to your partner is one of the greatest gifts of love someone can make, and accepting that key, that burden, is one of the greatest proof of dedication.

Far from a laughingstock present in cheesy TV shows, a person who embarks in serious chastity for their spouse is someone who sees their partner in the brightest light.

Instead of being seen as pathetic, worthless, they should be celebrated for their commitment.

Would you lock away your genitals out of love for your significant other?

Well, people in chastity do.

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